ABLE Accounts, Trusts, Financial and Benefits Planning

March 29, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

The ABLE National Resource Center invites you to learn from a panel of experts about how ABLE accounts might interact, and compare to, special needs trust, pooled income trusts, and financial and benefits planning.  Areas to be addressed will include:

  • What are critical factors to make informed decisions?
  • What are the differences between various types of trusts?
  • Would I want to open an ABLE account in addition to or instead of a trust?
  • What is the range of costs involved in opening a trust or an ABLE account?
  • What is benefits planning and how does it relate to financial planning?

Moderator: Michael Morris, Executive Director of National Disability Institute


  • Yolanda Mazyck, Executive Director of Shared Horizons Pooled Special Needs Trust
  • Kelly Thompson, Trust and Estate Attorney
  • James Sheldon, Supervising Attorney at Neighborhood Legal Services Inc.
  • Mark Friese, Vice President at Merrill Lynch, Menick-Friese Group
  • William Thompson, Deputy Executive Director of Florida Prepaid College Board, Florida ABLE Program  
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